Meal Plan; 1 – 6 March

The weather is heating up – or a least no longer below freezing. Snow is slowly melting away. It is unclear if Mother Nature is making room for a shitload of snow or if spring is really around the corner. I’m hoping for the latter.

One day, I might get so organized that I will link the meals below to my recipes. We can only live in hope!

We have stuff in the freezer from previous weeks. This week we are keeping it simple and empty the freezer. That’s the idea for meal plans. Not just to make what you eat, but keep some in the freezer for the future. It is less hassle during a busy week, and some weeks you just need to relax.

I will still bake this weekend. The homemade sliders have been a huge success, including some new pizza sausage rolls I made instead of pizza.

You can nuke the food in the microwave or slowly defrost it on the kitchen counter. Once defrosted, you heat it gently on the stove or in the oven. Easy school dinners.

SundayHomemade granola bars and Chocolate croissants for school snacksMonkfish and Chorizo Jambalaya! I gotta try this.
MondaySausage pizza rollsCreamy Fish Pie (leftover freezer meal)
TuesdayCroissant with cheese ‘n hamBrazillian Fish Stew with white rice (leftover freezer meal)
WednesdayPepper and sausage slidersTaco carnitas with red cabbage slaw – pulled pork I made two weeks ago on the Traeger and kept in the freezer 🙂
ThursdayPizza – simple tomato and mozzarella, baked on the Traeger of courseSpicy meat gumbo with rice (leftover freezer meal)
FridayTurkey ‘n Cheese slidersTake-out dinner
supporting local restaurant
SaturdayTime to heat up the Traeger with some surf n turf

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