Song of the Day: When Life is Good Again

The blond country goddess strikes again!

Dolly Parton has created many fantastic songs throughout her career than spans several decades. She has released awesome duets with my brother Zach Williams, and other stars, as well as releasing even more solo albums.

Her latest single was released in May of 2020. It is a song of hope during the pandemic and salutes all the first responders who have been fantastic in their response and support of communities. Many have worked tirelessly to provide medical care, groceries, and deliveries, sacrificing time with their own families.

Interestingly enough, the song also resonates with my heart recovery. I have often been dreaming about when my life will be good again. Going through many low moments, doubting my abilities to pull this off, and fearing that my life would come to an end too soon.

Thankfully we are pulling through the pandemic, and life will be good again. Have faith!

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