911 – Remembrance

I know exactly where I was on this terrible day when cowards attacked the US. Do you?

Terrorists hijacking planes hitting key targets in NY, DC and a field in Pennsylvania, killing thousands of innocent people. People’s family were shattered by these events.

Thousand more lives were lost when the tower fells in NYC, sending shockwaves around the world.

Since moving to the US, we have met many people who were directly affected by these atrocities. Their scars are still visible today.

It is important that we do not forget what happened that, and more importantly, that we do not forget those who lost their lives that day.

Please take a moment today and honor those who perished, as well as the brave people who risked their lives to rescue people from the towers. Many have passed day in recent years from illnesses related to the dust.

May God bless all these souls and families. May we continue to heal as a nation. May we stand strong in the face of darkness, and fight back the devil from the shadows.

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