Quarantine Birthdays Suck

There, I said it, and I do not apologize for saying that COVID and quarantine suck.

It drains the will to laugh out of you.  People are getting tenser as cabin fever sets in.  Kids are running out of things to do inside and outside, and we end up binge-watching strange Netflix shows to kill time.

With the duration of COVID, for us it started mid-March, we have not been able to celebrate family birthdays with friends or eating out.  Celebrating with the family is obviously great, but it is even better if you can invite friends over for a little party.

All our family birthday runs from March to September, and at this rate, all birthdays will have been COVID quarantine parties.

I mostly feel sorry for our kids.  They need and crave to hang out with their friends, run wild, do some cool activities, and laugh.  Most of all, they need to be kids.

For our family quarantine birthdays we wake up the kids early with “singing”, and then serve their favorite breakfast.  Breakfast is 11/10 times pancakes.  Early evening we “sing” again, and have the mandatory birthday cake.  Plenty of stuff to add to our waste line, and prepare for the winter.

We go one step further.  We allow the kids to plan and decide what to do during the weekend right after their birthday, effectively celebrating them for the full weekend.  This normally involves movies, hiking, or just hang out in the garden with fun games like cornhole or water balloons.

At least it gives us an opportunity to give our kids a funfilled weekend, and hopefully take their minds off the blood COVID and quarantine.

It is less important for us parents, as we have had plenty of birthdays and they don’t really excite us much.  We just need some alcohol, a hug and perhaps a nice BBQ.  With age, we are easier to please – although having beer and burgers with friends would be extremely nice.

How are you celebrating quarantine birthdays?

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