Song of the day: Believe

Mumford & Sons – a British rock pop-folk band wielding banjo, drums, piano, guitars, and delivering high-intensity songs and wonderful ballads.

I started following them in 2009 when their first mainstream album “Sigh no More” was released, and was captivated by their sound and voice.

My wife and I got to witness them live in Queens, Forest Hills Stadium, which is a beautiful venue for a band like Mumford & Sons.  It was a magical evening and they did not disappoint, bringing the audience through a journey of joy, singing, and clapping.

This song, ‘Believe’, seems to somewhat fit the current atmosphere and feelings that many are going through.  Sit back and listen to this track.

I had the strangest feeling

Your world’s not all it seems

So tired of misconceiving

What else this could’ve been

I don’t even know if I believe

I don’t even know if I believe

I don’t even know if I believe

Everything you’re trying to say to me

So open up my eyes

Tell me I’m alive

This is never gonna go our way

If I’m gonna have to guess what’s on your mind

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