Goodbye Belly … Hello Feet

I have lost approx. 50lbs since October 2018.

Pretty impressive if I have to say so myself, but it was a result of significant sacrifices.

I’m not talking about surgical procedures or some insane fitness training program.  It was thankfully a lot less invasive and simpler.  I basically changed my diet and removed a lot of unhealthy options.

The pounds quickly drizzled off as the weeks went by, and I started to feel different; more energy, sleeping better and dropping pant sizes.

It was truely a special moment when I could suddenly see my feet again, without bending (arching) forward.  My dad bod was slowly changing and I was more comfortable sporting my speedos 🙂 when on holidays in the Dominican Republic.

My doctor was also imprssed with my progress, but reminded me that I would now need to tone up and build up my cardio strength.

This is very important for all you heart warriors out there!

We cannot rely purely on dietary changes, but we also need to improve our fitness levels.  Incresing our fitness and cardio levels are important for the full recovery.

Next phase in my recovery process now focuses on building strength, toning up and continue to build up cardio performance.

Truth be told, I really dislike fitness centers and cannot focus on exercises.  Some years ago, I started ‘Insanity‘ hosted by Shaun T, and did enjoy his insane exercises.  But, I’m not fit enough to start that program again … yet.

Feel the burn!

At the beginning of 2020, my wife decided to invest in the Peloton bike.  Again, I was a bit sceptical, mainly due to the cost of the bike.

I’ve been impressed by her commitment to using the Peloton 4-5 times a week, and can easily notice a change in her fitness levels and toning.

I therefor decided to start my fitness journey on the Peloton, and invested in the special bike shoes.  These shoes lock you into the pedals, so there’s no way out easy, once you start an exercise program.

It has been a few weeks already and while I’m still at the beginner level, I can certainly feel a difference in my fitness levels.  I sweat like a gazelle being chased across Serengeti by a cheetah after a 20 min easy to moderate bike exercise.

The virtual instructor is keeping me focused and you really feel the presence and intensity he/she brings to the session.  You don’t dare to take it easy.  They are like hawks and do a tremendous job putting fitness fears into participants, even if they can’t see us and even if you are participating in a recorded session.

I can highly recommend the Peloton bike.  It has been super easy to start.  The design and technology applied to this bike is beyond expectations.  The selection of programs and challenges brings home exercise to the next level, and will only encourage you to push forward.

I’m doing my bit to maintain visible contact with my feet.  I’m trying hard to tone up and remove some of the hanging pieces, and also get some lost muscles back.

Do I like it?    Hmmm, yes a bit.  I like feeling fit, but would still like to get call on the Genie and make a wish to be fit for for life.

The morale of the heart story.  Focus on your recovery in phases.  You got to attack the dietary steps, and balance it with exercises.  Once you are strong enough, and once your cardiologist approves, then you can increase your fitness regime.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your fitness program.  Share your feedback and tips!

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