Song of the Day: Let Your Fingers do the Walking

Wow, I cannot believe this track was released 27 years ago.  Has it really been that long since I was a teenager, hanging out with my mates getting drunk while listening to awesome Danish rock music?

Man, I do miss those times!

When I stumble over one of these tracks from my youth, I quickly remember what I did when the song was on, and drift into a silly smile at times.  We had a blast growing up.

Sort Sol, a cult Danish rock band, released many great songs, but this one is by far my favorite song by them.  It was on the album “Glamourpuss”, released in 1993.

There is a liquid sky all over the world

Tonight it comes for your body

It comes to set your soul alight

But cards have been dealt

From our hands, they will melt

There is a liquid sky all over the world tonight

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