A Different but yet happy St Patricks Day

For the first time in the NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade history, the event has been fully canceled.  In the past, there might have been some delayed starts or some weather obstacles, but it was never canceled.

The parade goes back to 1762when the first parade took place in the Big Apple, so this is an event that has a lot of history and importance.  Canceling the event was probably not an easy decision, but absolutely the right decision, especially as we are facing global challenges with the Coronavirus terrorizing the World.

Guinness, the dark magic brew, signed a lease for 9000 years so they are not going anywhere and made this great video – we will overcome this and we will march again.

We look back at the year that has gone

We got to spend time in Ireland with close friends, in 2019, celebrating our reunion and also attending the parade in Dublin.  it was an amazing time and we miss our friends dearly.

We miss attending the festivities this year with other good friends in Pearl River (NY), where we have been going every year since moving to the US.  It is such a joy eating, drinking and watching the parade, and then more drinking afterward.

Tonight, we will celebrate St Patrick’s Day, just from the safety of our living room, while we live stream Dropkick Murphy’s free concert – supporting social distancing.

Last Sunday we had our corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots Sunday as our family Sunday roast.  It was a somber afternoon and evening, but the meal was excellent.

St Patrick’s Day is not the same when celebrating it alone, but this year is an extraordinary year.  This event requires your closest friends, Irish trad music, Guinness, laughter, and warm hugs.

I can guarantee that the Irish will simply push out the celebrations a few weeks, and then we will have a blast of a St Patrick’s Day parade, and it will be louder and greater than previous years.

We have to stay strong and safe.  Clean them dirty hands, don’t hug or touch people … release the inner introvert🙂

How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day at your house?


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