Song of the Day: Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

U2 released their ‘Achtung Baby’ album back in 1991, and it included this excellent track. Probably one of my favorite U2 songs, or at least part of my top 10 U2 songs of all time.

Every time it came on the radio I would crank up the volume.   Nowadays, when listening to the radio, it is only what is popular on the charts, and not something from the past.  Unless you have SiriusXM of course or a playlist on your phone hooked up to your car stereo.

The lyrics are apparently based on the Edge’s rollercoaster of emotions, as he was going through his divorce, leaving his wife with whom he had three kids.

Divorce in Ireland was not something that many people did and it was frowned upon in the very traditional Catholic community.

The Edge suffered heartache and suffering, and I’m sure his ex-wife did too.

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