18 months check-up

Today I had my 18 months check-up with my cardiologist.

It still feels like my cardiomyopathy “adventure” only was a few weeks ago.  I guess time does fly when you are in a happy and positive place.

The last 18 months hasn’t been a pleasure ride either, and I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs.  Most of my experiences are shared on this site, hoping to help others who also suffered or suffer from heart-related setbacks.

Physically, I feel fine, most days.  Mentally?!  That’s a different story and something that will take a lot longer to heal.

There’s always some added anxiety and doubts when I have any kind of doctor’s appointment.  Questioning my body’s signal and overanalyzing little signals my body is sending, thinking that I might have a setback.  Or worse, developed some other health issue that has gone undetected for months or years.

Anxiety really messes with your brain and emotions.  It can be hard to focus on the positive and accept that I have been doing well.

The last few days leading up to my cardiology visit presented the usual sudden doubts.

I started to experience strange phantom and imaginary symptoms, trying to convince my brain that I was having medical issues again.  It is frustrating, especially as I check my heart rate, blood pressure, and heart rhythm throughout. the day.  All the vitals are perfect!

I arrived early for my appointment, the first person on the schedule that day, checked in using their self-service unit and sat down in the waiting area.

The thing with cardiology appointments is that I’m 9 out of 10 times the youngest person in the waiting room.  Most patients are 20 years older than me.  When they see me there they greet me politely with a nod, as older people do, and give me a worried glance.

I nod and smile back, telling them “you’ve got this!”.

The visit went very well and the quickest cardiology visit in 18 months.  It was almost like speed dating, just with a nurse and a cardiologist trying to do their check-up in record time before meeting another patient.

EKG was done efficiently and quick.

I hate the little sticky pieces, especially because I swear the nurse intentionally places the sticky pieces on the hairiest places on my chest and lower legs.  They enjoy ripping it off afterward, leaving me with hairless little square patches.

My cardiologist was impressed with my progress.  The left ventricle branch block was completely gone, and another little obstruction I had was also gone.

Next checkpoint scheduled for September, assuming there’s not a zombie apocalypse.

Life is good.  Health is good.  Road to recovery is treating me very well, and I consider myself one of the lucky heart warriors.

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