Parents are A**holes

No matter how much we love and support our kids, there will always be moments where we are suddenly a**holes.  Our kids will undoubtedly attempt to assert their opinions and desires into various conversations, and if we as parents do not react in a certain way, then all hell can break loose.

That is also known as temper tantrums and can materialize anywhere between 10 months and 21 years of age.  It means you have 21 years of obstacle courses, never knowing when sh*t hits the fan.

There’s rarely no way to prevent or preempt these tantrums.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and many times without any warning.

I have seen tantrums arrive within seconds and others growing in intensity over a few hours.  And no tantrum is the same and rarely caused by the same event.

One day you ask your angel daughter to clear dishwasher, and she jumps over to hug you and then carries out her chores.

The very next day, when asking the same request, firebolts and rolling eyes will signal the beginning of a tantrum.  I will get spewed with some strange sounds and then a sudden collapse on the floor claiming full blown shut down due to excessive homework!

One day my son loves pasta and meat sauce, the next time it is stuck in the ceiling as there’s not enough meat or cheese being served.

My oldest daughter can talk calmly about her hearing loss, and 1-2 days later when I show her hearing aids, I get a barrage of teenage insults and get blamed for being an insensitive a**hole.

There are always opportunities for your child to cause absolute havoc during daily routines, and you always have to be prepared with a full-body armor.

Granted, some of my examples are exaggerated, but you get the gist.

That said, we love our kids immensely and will support them in most adventures they embark on.  It is our job to be there for them, even if they at times might treat us like a**holes.

Do you have moments where your child reenacts a scene from the Exorcist?

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