There’s Always a Story Behind the Song

I’ve been following Zach Williams for some time now, and I guess I can be classified as a fanboy … just without the stalker tendencies and no tattoo of his face.  I simply love his music, his lyrics, and his ministry.

zachdollyHe released a fantastic duet with the amazing Dolly Parton, There Was Jesus, and shares the story behind the song here.

Looking back at my life, I can admit that Jesus has always been there with me, guiding me through the various challenges that were thrown at me, and helping me out from dark moments.

It is only in the past 12 months that I’ve come to realize that he was there, reaching his hands out from the shadows and helping me through these patches.

I listen to the lyrics from this song, I get teary and yet filled with joy knowing that someone is looking after me.

I fell ill 18 months ago, facing my own mortality and questioning why this happened to me, my friends were nowhere to be found.  I put my trust in Jesus and prayed for healing and salvation.  He answered my prayers!

It is in moments of darkness and loneliness we need extra strength, and Jesus gave me the strength to fight the devil and demons, and now I’m healed.

The only way I can thank him is by being grateful daily, love people around me and help others in need.

Through Zach Williams’s music, I have found strength and hope.

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