Heart Warrior Review – Nonstick Bakeware

I only use Rachael Ray’s Kitchenware, when baking or roasting.  It makes total sense and makes your kitchen experience even better.

Why?  Glad you asked and happy share of course.  The Heart Warrior is back with some honest reviews.

Historically, Tefal was the prepared kitchen name and provided families around the World with top range cookware.  In my opinion, the term Tefal is overrated, or perhaps its because many products these days state that they have Tefal qualities.

When you try these products, they either fail on day 1 or within the first 30 days.  By failing I mean everything sticks to the bloody pan no matter how careful you are.

The first time you fry an egg it is beautiful and slides around on the pan without sticking anywhere.  On day 5 it sticks to edges and within 15 days it is completely stuck.

The same goes for bakeware.

I remember being a kid and young adult and having to spray the bejesus out of the bakeware I used, run tablespoons of butter around the surfaces or sprinkle with flour, just to prevent cake or bread from sticking.

It is so frustrating when you have to apply serious engineering skills to get the bread or cake out of the tray without completely crumbling and breaking it.

raysbakewareMy oven trays were always covered with leftover fatty spots or burnt grease, no matter how much I’ve washed and maintained them.

Earlier this year, I was surfing Amazon and stumbled over some nice looking oven trays.  They were rather inexpensive so I bought a set. I figured if they are cheap and shit, then I can throw them out.

I’ve had them for almost a year now, and use them frequently, and they still look and feel like new.  They are easy to wash and even after 450F broiling of bacon, they wash clean.

So, I decided to try the bread and cake trays in her series and was equally amazed.

I’ve baked many loaves of bread, cakes and granola bars, and yet these trays look brand new and nothing sticks to them.

They don’t seem to be easy to scratch either, which is excellent.

If you are looking for good reliable bakeware for yourself or as a gift, I would highly recommend looking at Rachael Ray’s series – check it our on Amazon of course 🙂

You might even find some good deals on Black Friday.

Rachael also has a nice website where you can get good ideas, although I don’t think her recipes are that healthy.  Give it a try!

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