The Life of Your Smart Watch Matters

Let’s be totally honest here, I have not engaged in much physical activity for the past 8 months, other than increasing my step count daily, and recently we invested in a bicycle so the family can go out to do fun stuff together.

My intentions are pretty firm that I will start some sort of cardio activity in the coming month as I need to continue to strengthen my heart, and also tighten up the loose skin since losing 50+ lbs due to my dietary changes.

smartwatch-submergedI have both the Fitbit and the Apple Watch.  Apparently, they are both waterproof to some extent, although I’m rather nervous about plunging into the lake with my $500 Apple Watch or $180 Fitbit on.  Something inside me worries that my investments will be as worthless as Titanic underwater.

During some late-night Google sessions, I found some tips on how to keep your smartwatch waterproof for longer.  The key is to keep the seals strong and will help the life of your device when playing in the water.

Just to be clear, I do not offer any warranty or guarantee that it will work after your dive trip.  This is on you if anything breaks.  I just share information 🙂

  • Avoid dropping or throwing you watch on hard surfaces, or subjecting it to other hard impacts
  • Limit exposing your watch to soap or soapy water, for example, while showering or bathing
  • Avoid exposing your watch to perfume, solvents, detergent, acids or acidic foods, insect repellent, lotions, sunscreen, oil, or hair dye
  • Limit your adventurous water activities and potentially exposing your watch to high-velocity water while e.g. water skiing
  • Do not wear your smartwatch in the sauna or steam room, or while exploring lava flows or natural heated springs or geysers

Basically, you need to apply common sense when wearing a digital watch.  While manufacturers often indicate that your newly purchased expensive smartwatch is waterproof, it comes with a lot of fine print.  In short, water will do damage to electronics.

The reason for this is all these precautions are to extend the life of the seals.  Spending too long with anything that nibbles away at these (whether that’s steam, slightly corrosive substances or dropping it to possibly crack things) will weaken your investment.

Obviously, any smartwatch can handle excessive sweating, so the above is simply to help you look after your investment.

Any good tips you want to share about smartwatch matters?

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