Inspirational Music

Some years ago, I stumbled across some beautiful music and lyrics and started to buy these albums without giving too much thought about the messages behind the music or who these bands were.

I shared some of the songs with my wife and she loved them too.  It was music we had in common for once 🙂

Our collection has grown from the album I bought then to 87 albums we own now, covering various artists and from various countries.  They are all in the same genre ‘Christian & Gospel’.

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the most played artists in our house

And no, it is monks singing in the Austrian Alps or some strange hooded dressed choir that hum interesting tones in the midlands of the US.

While they do have spiritual messages and undertones, you can easily listen to these tracks and get amazed at how great they are.

I’m not ashamed to say that I really like this genre and will proudly listen to these songs in my car, home or elsewhere.  They comfort me.

It was only during the heart challenges that I started to listen deeper to the lyrics, and better understand the messages that they were preaching,  Again, it did not bother me, and I would at times state that when listening to these tunes, I became more at peace and calm – my anxieties drifted away and I felt gradually better.

Shortly after Christmas, I noticed that one of the groups we like was coming to perform in NYC, which is pretty darn close to where we live, so why not see them live.  So, I bought tickets for the family; 2 adults and 3 kids.

We were going to Madison Square Garden baby!

I’m not trying to preach the gospels or ask you to follow the Lord.  However, I’m asking you to be open to new music and select music that will help you in your health battles, whether these are medick or mental health challenges.

We all need to heal and we all need to find a source of music that will help us in that journey, and become stronger mentally.

Music can have heavenly and healing powers.  You need to find music that helps you.

Positive music.  Wonderful tunes and lyrics.  Good music.

We listen to music that soothes us without getting dragged into political or religious debates.  It can elevate us and remove our anxieties.

I believe you can and I believe in you!

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