No More Headaches

headachesIn the not so distant past, I would randomly wake up with a smashing headache.  Not because of intense drinking the night before, and not for other reasons than just slept badly.  Or so I would think.

My excuses ranged from going to bed too late, sleeping in a strange position, too stressed at work, bedroom to warm (I normally sleep with the windows open all year) or simply had a little too much wine.

And to add to my misery, I would often have acid reflux (aka heartburn) shortly after falling asleep.  Extremely uncomfortable and most likely related to me eating too close to going to bed or simply eating the wrong things … hint hint 🙂

Fast forward to my heart failure, HF-day, early October 2018.

As you would’ve read in my posts, the hospital started to drain my body for fluids and my diet changed at the same time.  I would classify this as a reboot of my system.

I’ve been living a healthier lifestyle since HF-day, reducing and removing a large number of ingredients and foods, and this has caused another miracle.  The reboot seems to have removed a lot of ‘toxins’ from my body, and now my body is getting stronger.

As a result, I have not had a single headache since HF-day.  I wake up early and refreshed every day, and have plenty of energy to survive the activities throughout the day;

  • 5.30am start
  • Making healthy and homemade lunches for the family
  • Sending kids off to school
  • Starting my workday at the home office or in the real office
  • Having a healthy lunch
  • Working more at the home office or in the real office
  • Preparing healthy dinner for the family
  • Doing house duties like dishes, laundry, and general cleaning
  • Getting kids ready for bed
  • Watching the news and TV with the missus
  • Nodding off and drooling in my La-Z-Boy
  • In bed latest 10.30am, and falls asleep fast

The main change to the above schedule is healthy eating and cutting out all the crap food that I ate in the past.  I’ll share the golden health nuggets in another post.

I sleep like a baby and feel great.  The HF-day has been a positive wakeup call for me and my body, and I’m healthier and stronger … more importantly, I feel awesome.

  • Have you had a similar experience after changing your diet as a result of a health scare?
  • What are your tips to improve your life?
  • Do you still experience headaches, after your health scare and/or diet change?

I look forward to your inputs and ideas that changed your life and body.

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