4 Shades of Pale

pale faceWhile I have always been various shades of pale, most likely a direct outcome of being of a descendant of Vikings.  But the latest paleness started with my hearty adventure.

Having problems with the heart has some strange effects on your complexion.  I assume it is because the blood circulation through the main engine room is slightly degraded.

Shortly after my incident in October, and when I started heart and blood pressure medication, my face started to go extremely pale.  We are talking white flour pale, despite trying to stay active and despite going for walks outside.  I just went pale.

I developed dark circles around the eyes.  When looking in the mirror I could see these dark circles and the paleness made me look like a ghost or some haunting demon waiting for my prey.

A friend of mine, who had a heart attack 2 years ago, also mentioned to about the paleness.  He jokingly said

“welcome to the club of pale riders!”.

Some people would look twice at me when I was out grocery shopping, and I swear a few even gasped in horror and pulled their kids away from imminent fear.  Yes, I’m exaggerating slightly, but I was very pale.  You get the picture.

Nevertheless, for the past few months, I have apparently gone from pale rider to somewhat normal complexion of a ginger Scandinavian dude.  Several people have commented lately that I’ve gotten my color back.  Even my doctors were happy to see my complexion coming back as I was improving health wise.

So, as you start to recover, your skin and face will get the coloring back.  It is a very good sign that your body and system, is recovering.  Don’t be afraid or worried about getting pale.  It is part of the process 🙂

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