Heart Warrior – Mick Jagger

Mick_Jagger_set_to_have_heart_surgery_9_80340784_ver1.0_1280_720The World woke up some days ago, to the news that one of the modern rock legends The Rolling Stones had to postpone their planned tour as their charismatic lead singer Mick Jagger had fallen ill.

Soon after the news hit the World, it was announced that he needed heart surgery.

Without seeming too hard on the man, I’m actually surprised he did not have heart problems sooner, given his rock n roll lifestyle … partying for 50 years, trying all kinds of drugs, multiple women and in general a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Well, on the other hand, he was extremely fit from sprinting around on stage entertaining massive crowds, while catching knickers from 50-year plus women.

But, I’m very happy to hear that his heart surgery went well, as they replaced an aortic valve using new techniques which did not require invasive heart surgery.

He’s already on Facebook thanking his fans and I pray for a speedy recovery

Dear Mr. Jagger, welcome to the exclusive heart warrior club!


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