Buy a Pulse Oximeter

finger-pulse-oximeterDespite what I might’ve written in previous posts, investing in heart gadgets is highly recommended.

There are times where you just need some device to tell you that all is clear and you can go about doing what you do.

The pulse oximeter measures your heart rate (pulse) and oxygen levels.  Both are excellent to determine if you are ok.

You are sitting calmly in your chair contemplating what has happened and why it happened.  There’s no real logic to it.  It makes you anxious and restless.

Suddenly you can feel a change in your body.  You are not too sure why, but you are certain something is about to happen.

You are doing some light exercise to stimulate blood circulation and build up lost stamina, and you want to track your pulse rate real-time, without staring at the FitBit or Apple Watch.

I bought the pulse oximeter to help me with my anxiety levels as well as ensure I did not overdo the physical activities.  It was a nice little device to have, and funnily enough, it can ease your anxieties quick.

When my PT drill sergeant came to visit, I would measure my pulse during light exercises and she would adjust my fitness schedules accordingly.  It is important not to overdo your recovery process and pace yourself.

This device can actually help you 🙂

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