Wow – my Bose

bose-quietcomfort-35-iiFor years I’ve enjoyed the pure sounds from my Beats headphones and it was a tragic loss when they gave up the spirit.

One day they simply started to fall apart and despite my best efforts to tape and glue them together, the visible signs of 7 years heavy usage were showing signs.

I was reluctant to pay too much for a new pair and tried to accept my iPhone standard earphones … but with little or no luck.  I just couldn’t get comfortable with these white little buds stuck inside my ears and the sound was just okay.

For Black Friday in 2018 I was eyeballing the Bose headphones.  The ones with nice ear covers and noise canceling technology.  They were very comfortable over my ears and the sound was amazing.  But the noise cancelling effect was awesome.  However, the price tag of $350 was a little high so I walked away.

I tried other brands and models but none of them had the qualities I was looking for, and none of them could match my experience with the Bose headphones.

So, before we headed to Ireland in our family trip for Paddy Day, I went to Best Buy and bought the suckers. It was almost impulse purchase and I probably didn’t need them.

But damn! When we sat in the plane listening to all the humming noises, people jabbing, engine roaring and just loud surroundings, I placed the Bose headphones on my head and turned on music.

As soon as I enable the noise cancelling feature, it all went quiet.

Noise-cancelling headphones, or noise-canceling headphones, are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control.

The tunes from Zach Williams Survivor was pure and perfect, all while the noise from the cabin was muffled out. Absolute awesomeness. Even the Beats could not match this experience.

These headphones allowed me to relax so much more and enjoy the music, while I focused on my heart beat and suppress any anxieties that might creep in.

I can highly recommend these headphones. Well worth $350 and the Bluetooth link is solid, and they have microphone built in too so I can use them for conference calls.

All in all, 5 hearts for this product 🙂

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