The Blob Reborn

blobIn 1958 and 1988 a classic horror was made (and re-made) called The Blob.  It was in reality a pretty shitty movie, but I still enjoyed watching the odd mesmerizing blob rolling over its victims.

Almost another 30 years have passed and I have prevented the return of the Evil Blob.

The joys of being a father and husband, and home owner, comes with a long list of responsibilities.  I’m not even going to attempt to share this lengthy list with you, as I’m sure you are fully aware of said responsibilities.

One of these involves cleaning the bathroom sinks, and is one of my less favourite activities.  Not that many house chores are a delight, but this one will eventually end up on Dirty Jobs.

To cut a very long story short.  Living with girls have a small hygienic side effect, especially if the girls have longer hair than Kojak.  As they spend time in the bathrooms to get ready for the day, then obviously groom themselves while looking in the mirror.  The mirror is strategically placed above the sink.

Ever so often your bathroom sink becomes clogged up and you might as well clean it regularly to avoid build up – or feel the wraith of your partner as it starts to smell from the sink.

sinkHonestly, I hadn’t cleaned any of the sink drains since moving in to the house almost a year ago, and the water was not leaving the sink quickly.  In fact, it was at times not draining, only to be followed with a few vile bubbles popping with a nasty smell of sewage.

The best way to clean drain is by taking off the trap, and clean it with a bottle-brush.  Please make sure to place a bucket underneath the trap, to catch water and gunk.  Yes, there will be plenty of odd smelling water and gunk.

Two out three sinks went rather well.  Not too much gunk, although I did get sprayed with foul-smelling water as I pulled out the bottle-brush.

The last and most dreaded drain was the kids’ sink.

As I disassembled the trap, and gently pulled it away, I was greeted by a flood of brown smelling water sitting in the trap.  The stench filled up the cabinet.  I was seeing strange colours.

The trap suddenly dropped and a ginormous hair-blob-gunk thingy landed on my hand.  It slowly slid down my fingers, stayed there for a few seconds before sliding off into the bucket.

I was horrified.  I swear I felt small bites and something stinging on my skin.  Not too sure what organism it was, but it was the Blob Reborn.  I quickly grabbed it with some paper and dropped it into the toilet.  As it flushed I could hear scraping sounds as if it was trying to survive.

Anyway, it’s dead now.  It’s probably roaming the local sewers swallowing rats and alligators.  Hopefully it doesn’t come back to haunt me for Halloween.

It’ll one a while before I dare to attempt that chore again.  My hand is still scared.  The ‘joys’ of having girls 🙂

Doing the drains yourself does save you a few hundred dollars each time, so it is worth it.

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