My Childhood Stories

7080My kids are very keen on hearing more from when I was a kid.  Stories about their grandparents (farmor and farfar), my childhood adventures and why I’m so silly at times.

What better way than writing these short stories and share them with the World.

I will be releasing these adventures using the ‘childhood’ category and #mychildhood tag.

It will be proof that I survived both the #70s and #80s without electronics and smartphones.  There is a life without these gadgets although it is hard to fathom these days.

The morale of my life stories?

Share your stories with your kids will hopefully make them appreciate what we have today, not be afraid of the great outdoors and (fingers crossed) avoid making the same mistakes I made as a kid.

In the end, it just to share and generate laughs 🙂   YOLO

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