I’m the best

It’s official – I’m the best dad ever!  At least according to my kids.

Father’s Day are awesome.  It’s a fact.  Well, only if you are a father of course.  I love being given hugs, kisses and presents from all the kids.  I’m finally the centre of attention again.

fathersdayThroughout the year, and as we get kids, a father is rarely the centre of attention as all the attention is focused on the kids’ activities, their needs and well-being.  That’s one of the glory full benefits of being a parent, you get to give and protect someone you dearly love, without being selfish.  You want to do your best to make their lives secure, and ensure they are happy.

Once your kids’ needs have been met, then you must look to your partner, in this case my dear wife for the 12 years.  You can’t admit to her face that she’s no longer the centre of your World, so you have to strike a delicate balance of sharing your love.  I think we all know that your wife is the main reason you have beautiful kids, so we need to appreciate our wives more.

My biggest regret is not show this appreciation for my own dad, who left this World too soon.  He knew I loved him dearly, but we never said it to each other.  It was just the way things were.  He had my back and he loved me.  It’s only when you lose someone you realise all the stuff you forgot to share and say.  Dad, I love you, wherever you are!

So, for 363 days of the year, I’m devoted to my family.  It’s only on my birthday and on Father’s Day that I get the attention my hidden vanity personality desire.  I get love and smiles.  Honestly, getting a present is just an added benefit – it’s the hugs that makes me soft 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to all you cool dads out there!

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