A Lego Adventure

The-Lego-MovieI had the awesome opportunity to spend a few hours with my youngest daughter, as the rest of the clan went to see ‘Wicked‘ on broadway.  You apparently have to be about 6 years old before you can see a broadway show, so we had to do something cool.

What better way to spent time than playing Lego – or perhaps even watch a movie about Lego. So, we went off to see the new Lego Movie.

As we arrived to the cinema, we loaded up on drinks, snacks and ice cream.  You have to the right ingredients to enjoy the cinema experience.  It’s always awesome to sit in the large seats, popcorn crumbles down the shirt while the enormous silver screen shows the latest out of Hollywood.  The sound thunders through the auditorium and you can feel the seats slightly tremble.

I’m not going to explain, or at least attempt to explain, what the Lego Movie is all about, as I still don’t really know.

The movie was very well done and had some excellent effects, but the story was pretty lame … for adults at least.  It had some great actors in the movie and they did deliver some great lines, but I was utterly confused with the overall plot, until the end of the movie.

I guess one key message the movie was trying to communicate was that parents suck at building Lego, we have no imagination and want everything to be static (glued).  That’s total nonsense and feel free to ask my kids.  I spend many hours with my kids building imaginary worlds and rarely follow the instructions.

Sure, I follow the instructions the first time I build it with my kids, to show them how to use the manual and also how it could look, but then we let my 8 year old son play Godzilla and we start over – merging old and new Lego.

My three-year old daughter was amazed that the Lego came alive on the screen and with all the cool stuff they could build.  But it wasn’t the same ‘toys coming to life’ experience which Toy Story provided.

Something tells me she would rather have watched Frozen again – for the ninth time!

explosion-2Would I see it again?  Nope!  Sorry, but it wasn’t the greatest movie I’ve seen in recent years.

The only good thin was that I got to go to the toy shop and get some Lego for my daughter and we went home to play our own Lego adventure 🙂

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