Air-powered Rocket

inaboxAs you might have read in my previous post about “Einstein in a Box” we had decided to write individual posts about the various rocket experiments that came in the first box from “Einstein in a Box“.  I most admit, I was pretty amazed with the simplicity of the kit and it was so much fun for the kids … and me.

During the multi hour science session exploring the kit, my daughter and I instigated the first of three cool experiments; air powered rocket.

However, before kicking off the actual experiment, we watched a few movies on the “Einstein in a Box” web site, members only section, that taught us about ‘inertia‘ and ‘mass‘.  OK, the videos themselves looked a little dated and reminded me of Muzzy, but they explained the terms excellently.

It was interesting how my daughter how my daughter quickly understood the term inertia, and admitted to be inertia when it comes to cleaning her room.  And, when I explained about mass while comparing my car with mum’s car, then it made sense too.

So, the science experiment was pretty straight forward, made up of somewhat common household goods; fishing line, tape, straw and a balloon.

Following the easy instructions, we quickly completed the construction of the firing ramp and had the trajectory planned; going from door to lamp.

When then conducted four experiments, and they proved that mass had something to the rockets ability to fly and the speed of which it was going.

  1. no extra weight and the balloon shot down the wire in seconds
  2. attached Merida puppet (Barbie size) and it was clear the balloon was struggling
  3. Buzz Lightyear can fly, but was still creating a little friction for the balloon
  4. Bullseye was a good fit for the balloon and the propulsion fired the rocket down the line

The amazing thing, and excellent feeling as a parent, was that all the kids got really involved in the science project, especially when it came to firing the rocket.  We had cheers, screams and high fives.

This is more than just a science kit.  It’s a great new way of spending more time with your kids, while learning and have loads of fun.

I’m looking very much forward to the next experiment, and so are the kids.

We are now part of the STEM family 🙂

(Science – Technology – Engineering – Math)

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