Breast Tickler and Movember

ZZ Top, Lemmy, Willie Nelson, Brad Pitt, Santa, Metallica, David Beckham, Gandalf, Bee Gees, Chuck Norris have all done it – grown a beard that is.  But the innocent bystander might wonder what the obsession of facial hairs is.  Well, these bad-bys didn’t necessarily grow a beard to create breast cancer awareness, but because it was damn cool.

And, now I (Judgebrix) have grown one too.  I’ve officially joined the league of cool dudes with facial hair.  There’s actually a term form my particular creation – goatee.  But, I’ve taken the design one step further by adding some serious Elvis sideburns, in evil red colour.

Perhaps people don’t see me as a celebrity (yet) and most people in the street just walk by me, not asking me to sign an autograph.  That’ll change one day I’m sure.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t support something that brings awareness.  And, what better campaign to support than breast cancer?

Most men would support their partner’s breasts, literally, in a heart beat – or just grab these valuable attributes.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Every man should show his support to his partner … and all other women out there.

So, October was beards for breasts month and I wanted to show my support.  For some reason, it has always taken me ages to grow even the smallest of fluffy beards, which is beneficial if you don’t want to shave every day.  As a result, I used most of October to grow massive red sideburns instead, combined with a fluffy red goatee.  I’m not too sure why my beard and burns grow red, since I’m blonde (more pooh coloured actually), but my dad’s beard was also red.

One of the worst thing, ate least for me and my sensitive facial skin, was the itching as the beard grew longer.  I was scratching my cheeks and chin most day, which made my colleagues stare at me, believing I had some unknown and contagious skin rash … it was just my beard coming out!

I was delighted to see the end of October, as that meant I could shave off my red face bush.  But, to my horror, some strange guy out there invented MOVEMBER!  Now people look at and my goatee (+ burns), expecting me to keep it on for another month.  The pressure was too much, so I caved in – another month of facial, itching and red beard.

Now, here’s a question.  We men have been supporting and creating awareness for breast cancer for the past month, by growing a beard.

How will women show they support our balls and support prostate cancer awareness?  Hopefully they will not let their facial hair, arm pitt hair or bikini line grow for a month, as that might be too French and scary.

How do you think women should show their support to our balls?


  1. October was beards for breasts month? Is this something new or are you just making this up? You have a way of putting up an entry in a very interesting and funny manner. I like this post. Kudos to you.

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