Metabolism is an evil force

October came and passed.  I can’t believe is has been a month since I started my quest to become a fit daddy, mainly for my kids’ sake, but also because I really miss seeing my knees again.  Being fit will hopefully allow me to have more fun with the kids, doing a various activities, such as kiteboarding or doing the iron man.

Having kids and keeping up with them requires a lot stamina, so staying fit is essential.

Had you asked me a few years ago, if I would like to get rid of my beer belly, then I would have answered “NO!”.  Keep in mind, it took me years to get it this perfect shape.  And besides, I just read an article the other day that chubby men are great lovers.

But, despite being a great lover and a sex symbol, I still wanted to tighten up some parts of my corpus extremus.

During the month of October, my aim was to loose a few kilos, simply by eating smaller sized dinners, less crap food and fizzy drinks – basically, reduce the sugar intake.

However, my metabolism is not exactly my best friend.  I’m one of those guys who can walk into a chipper and gain a kilo, just by smelling the fat from the deep fryer.

I was meant to use the Wii Fit Personal Trainer, for some serious fat burner exercises.  So, before starting my super-dad-loose-fat-plan, I tested the Wii for accuracy and efficiency.  It was so effective that my legs were burning for two days and I walked like a cowboy after a 6 day cattle drive.  Every evening I tried to turn on the Wii, but there was always something else to do, like sitting in the sofa with missus.

After 31 days of pain and agony, and hunger, I had lost an amazing 2 kilos!  Not exactly what I had planned or hoped for.  I can only admit …

Still, I haven’t given up and will during the next 45 days experiment with a Chinese remedy.  It’s based on a tea treatment called Freyan and it is meant to improve your metabolism.  There’s still hope for me to beat my fat cells and at the same time gain a new ally – my metabolism.

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