Dragons and Vikings

For my daughter’s birthday back in March, I took her to see the latest animation movie “How to train your dragon” – in 3D.  It was my first 3D animated movie, but more importantly, it was her first 3D movie ever.

I was somewhat worried that she would take off the special 3D glasses and the experience would be ruined.  On the other hand, I was somewhat dubious about watching a 3D movie.  I still had bad memories from watching 3D movies in the 80s and I was wondering whether it would be worthwhile.

Yet, we went to the cinema, bought our mandatory popcorn/juice kit and found our seats.  As soon as the trailers started, we put on the Miami Vice style 3D glasses.

What happened during the next 98 minutes was amazing.  The movie and the 3D effects were amazing – I would also say better than watching Avatar in 3D, but I might just insult some hardcore Avatar fans.

My daughter had a blast and was talking about the movie and her 3D experience for weeks to come.  Dragon fever had hit the household, and given my viking blood, we were soon fighting imaginary dragons in the attic and jumping off beds to escape the flames from the Monstrous Nightmare Dragon.

So, you can imagine the cheer of delight, when she released that the movie had finally been released on DVD and iTunes.

We bought it as soon as iTunes changed the status from pre-release to available, and streamed to the TV via the AppleTV.  The dragon mania has emerged again.

I can only recommend buying it ASAP and watch it with your kids.



  1. Yeah – it’s a great movie. Good storyline, really nicely done animation. The 3D really works for this one. I watched with my daughter, and we too had a blast. We haven’t gotten the DVD yet, but we will.

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