With a little help from my friends…

Something new, something old something borrowed and something blue.  It sounds almost like a bride preparing for her big day.  But, for me it was reality.

My blog was previously hosted on blogspot, which is an excellent portal for blogs, but I wanted more freedom to manage my pages – plugins, images, frames, etc.

I decided to get my own domain name, move the site to a hosting provider and install WordPress.  Pretty technical and advanced for a guy who used to work with office interior design and shovelling dog pooh in my parents house.

I moved something old across to the new WordPress installation, importing all the blogs in one swoop, and started to create more blogs.

Since then I have created my new little corner on the mighty web. I’ve done little to make my site more attractive.  This meant the top banner was something borrowed from the built-in template, and it didn’t really stand out.

However, a very talented friend of mine helped me out and developed something new – the new banner on top.  He did a smashing job.  Check out his web site if you are interested in doing a few web jobs too.

The blue bit?  Well, only the sky is the limit.  🙂

I think my new banner looks brilliant and it makes me want to do a complete overhaul of my site.  A bit ambitious, I know, but I really want to change more pieces now.  I guess, once you start you have to go on.

What do you think of my new banner?

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