Dog and the Fly

I do the school run most mornings, while the missus looks after the two hobbits – breastfeeding one, while the other causes havoc.

It’s the same routine every morning, a battle beyond belief just to get my daughter ready. We have to leave at a certain time to avoid the heavy traffic and to make sure we are first in line.  The latter is probably her highest priority.

We try to bring one of the dogs every morning, to keep me company on the way back and also so that my daughter can show off at school for having the coolest dogs.  So, the other morning I brought the Labrador for the school drop off in the family SUV.  He absolutely loves dropping her off at school.  It makes him feel proud and part of something.  Also, our daughter is the first to wave at all kids, when they spot the dog’s snout out the window – indicating it’s her dog.

While we, my daughter and I, are getting in line with her class mates, the dog stays in the car.  Dogs are not allowed on school premises.  They are probably afraid that they either lick the kids to bits, attack every moving ball or pooh in the general play area.  Instead, the dog runs around like a mad chicken in the car, sniffing all the seats for food scraps.  Anything that is remotely eatable will be eaten.  As a result, the seats an floor are spotless when I finally get back to the car.

Having dropped the princess off, we head back to the house.  I normally roll down his window so he can stick the head out; letting the air get into his face and ears flapping.

Not too sure why dogs love this, but they open their mouth wide, tongue hanging flapping in the wind to one side and the ears waiving straight back.

This morning was no different.  He sat sucking in the wind when he suddenly coughed.

He quickly withdrew his face from the wind-tunnel and he looked rather odd.  Something was clearly bothering him.  He coughed violently. He did some regurgitation sounds and moved his tongue around in his mouth, as if he was looking for something or had a piece of popcorn stuck in his gums.  This went on for a few minutes.

It stopped as sudden as it had started.  I looked over and he was happily chewing on something. I bet you it was a fly!  He swallowed it and placed his head out the window again, ready to catch another bug.

Well, he had breakfast earlier than usual that day.

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