Is this Thriller?

Halloween is still 10 days away, so there’s plenty of time to get the house decorated.  We need to have it ready to welcome all the small trick or treat monsters asking for sweets and money.

Yes, in recent years, these ‘sweet’ little angels demons are no longer satisfied with home-made cup cakes, oranges, nuts and sweets.  No, they want cash.  It doesn’t matter if it’s coins, notes or MasterCard. They accept all payment methods.

I’m not supporting this initiative as I think money is something they’ve got to earn, and not just something that should be handed to them, while wearing a costume.  Perhaps my reluctance of giving out money is the reason why less and less kids visit our house.  Or, is it because we have crappy treats and only a few decorations?

Hang on!  We are in the middle of a recession, so these little spoiled brats should be happy that they get anything at all.  I’m sure they’ll be so surprised this year when I hand them a little bunch of freshly cut grass, neatly wrapped with nettles… It is Halloween after all.

As per tradition, my daughter’s school has organised a Halloween party.  Well, organised is probably a slight exaggeration, as they couldn’t organise a cup of tea for themselves.  However, they have still managed to get the kids excited about the school Halloween party, so they do deserve some credit.

Kids LOVE parties.  It doesn’t really matter where it is or what the decoration looks like, as long as they can dance around like happy hobbits and play with their friends.

My daughter is in 1st class and she has been counting down the days to the party.  So, this morning I asked her “Are you excited about the party tonight?”.  Not too sure if I said something wrong, but the look I got was worthy of Halloween.  She snarled at me, rolled her eyes and said “Dad! It’s not a party, it’s s D-I-S-C-O – doh!”.

400 kids will descend to the school tonight, dancing their hearts out and having a blast.  A few parents will be guarding the place, inside and outside, ensuring that kids from the neighbouring schools don’t gatecrash the party. They are also there to make sure their own kids behave.  It’ll last a couple of hours and all the kids will be dressed up.

All parents will attempt to get or make the coolest costume for their kids, making the other parents envious.  I have no doubt that my daughter’s dress is the coolest of them all. 🙂

So, Halloween starts tonight for my kid.  She’s off school for over a week, allowing the teachers to celebrate the horror of Winter time and Halloween.  I’m still baffled as to why kids needs to be off for an entire week, when Halloween is only 1 day.

Happy Halloween (early) to everybody.

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