WMT – Weapon of Mass Toast

In 2009, Guinness announced a worldwide campaign to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the dark stuff.  And no, not the dark side of the force, but the celebration and worship of the Guinness Pint – dark, smooth, cold and with a foamy head.  Damn it, I’m getting thirsty already, just writing about it.  Basically, this was an event created to encourage us to drink and spend money during a recession.  Sounds like a brilliant plan and excuse to drink.  They get my vote.  Count me in! 🙂

So, because of last year’s massive success, we will be celebrating Arthur’s Day again this year.  What does that mean?  Well, it means meeting up with colleagues, friends and family, over a few pints of Guinness in your local boozer.  Or, you could be more reserverd and buy a few cans to enjoy in the comfort of your own house.  Happy days.

It all starts @ 17.59 (5.59pm) on 23 September – and will probably last for a few days, to make sure all time zones are covered.

If you are in Ireland, then you can see live gigs from the likes of Snow Patrol, Manic Street Preachers, Brandon Flowers, Westlife, Biffy Clyro, Plan B, David Gray and Imelda May across different locations and venues – primarily in Dublin, Cork and Galway.  And, like last year, the celebrities playing in Dublin will most likely make an appearance on the red carpet at St. James’ Gate Brewery during the evening.

So, if you can, go to your local Irish pub from today onwards, to celebrate Arthur.  One word of caution.  A few too many pints can give you a nasty hangover and may result in lowered work ethic Friday morning.

To Arthur!

This is a Worldwide event, so join in.  Let’s get hammered.  It’s your duty to get drunk today!
– but remember, drink sensible and DO NOT drink and drive.  Only idiots does that.

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