MeatEater Podcast on Speed

I spent about 45 minutes each way, commuting to the office daily, even during the COVID restrictions. I’m classified as an essential worker.

A good part of the journey crosses over a mountain range, and any hope of a radio signal is slim to none.

E.T. has a better chances of calling home from a flip-phone.

Instead of the radio, I have a few other entertainment choices; downloaded music on the iPhone downloaded audiobooks on Audible or listening to my favorite podcasts.

My go to preference is the MeatEater podcast. Each episode varies between 1hr 40 min to 2 hr. It means I can listen to a single podcast in a day, and for some the following day.

One day, while listening to a conversation on how much game roamed on the Great Plains, and of course, how to best hunt bison, the audio track sped up. There was no warning, just a subtle increase in speed. The iPhone was possessed.

Steven Rinella and his guests sounded like they had inhaled too much helium, drank too much Black Riffle Coffee, or perhaps ingested some coca leaves. Alternatively, my hearing and brain were registering different audio waves from outer space as I headed into the mountain range.

It really baffled me, and I tried different podcast episodes and also other podcasts I had downloaded. They all sounded like hyper chipmunks, being interviewed by an equally hyper Joe Rogan.

I left it for a week and instead listened to some older 80s and 90s rock music, and of course, my main man Zach Williams. A few cool tracks speed up the daily commute.

Today I decided to Google my problem, and of course, found the answers I needed. And man, do I feel like an absolute idiot. Not I know what my parents feel like when I show them how to set the clock in the VCR they never use.

Here’s the Solution!

At the bottom of the podcast that is playing, you should see a small 1x, 1 1/2x, 2x. That indicates the speed at which the podcast is playing.

In my case, it was set to 1 1/2x speed, which made Steven and Janis sound like energizing bunnies being hunted by the overly calm Cal.

Listening to MeatEater podcast
The yellow arrow highlights my stupidity and old man eyesight!

Obviously, my eyesight is less than optimal; hence I ordered reading glasses from my local LensCrafters outlet.

Not something that makes me very proud, as this is just an indication that I’m getting older.

To soften the blow to the ego, I selected some cool Ray-Ban frames to at least look a little hip.

We learn something new every day. Today I learned to control the speed of Steven Rinella’s voice and opened up the possibility of listening to a podcast twice as fast!

I doubt there’s enough coffee in the world to keep up with the topics, and your brain will go into hyperdrive mode.

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