Truth Be Told

Through the media and political parties, we are frequently told to be prepared. They want us to prepare for hurricanes, floods, tornados, and other disasters. Creating fear and despair that the World is in a terrible place. They are creating a diversion of people through their fear-mongering and spewing hatred.

Families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors argue about the right path. Arguments that only purpose is to serve the dark side, the Devil. The Devil is laughing at how easy it is to divide us and increase the chaos. We are being destroyed by ourselves.

It is the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, and it comes with words of wisdom and a strong message of being prepared to meet our maker. Not as a condemned soul, but making sure that we understand how to prepare ourselves to meet Jesus.

The emphasis is on the wisdom that is required to be truly prepared. 

Are we prepared?

Do we know what is needed?

How do we prepare?

I’m not going to tell you what and who to believe in, but I will tell you that if you want an opportunity to go to heaven, then you need to know who Jesus is first.

I’m not a perfect Christian. I live my life, believing that I’m being a good person and treat people like I want to be treated. I know that I have been granted an extension on this earth after my heart failure recovery, and I’m seeking out the wisdom to be prepared.

The choice and path are yours. Only you can decide how to live your life. We will all be assessed for our worthiness at our last hour on this planet.

Can I really stand here unashamed
And know that you love for me won’t change
Oh God If that’s really true
Then let the Truth Be Told

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