In the End (Linkin Park)

This song is going back almost two decades, since released in October 2001. It made it to number two on the Hot 100 list, and every time I hear it, I fully agree with that placement. A number one would be more appropriate, in my humble Viking opinion.

“Meteora,” was one of the biggest alternative albums in music history.

This song hit the airways a month after the terrible 9/11, so it is logical to think the lyrics are about that event. I was impressed by the dual vocals and how well they played off each other during many of Linkin Park’s songs.

However, some might suggest the lyrics relate to Chester’s personal struggles. He battled alcohol and drug misuse for many years as a result of childhood sexual abuse. These tragic events likely caused his suicide in July 2017.

We need to keep a closeout on our friends and family and colleagues. Mental issues are invisible and can only be discovered if we take the time to talk to people in our lives.

A girl I knew many years ago was extremely joyful and outgoing, but she, unfortunately, felt overwhelmed and ended up committing suicide. No visible signs or calls for help.

Each day, 22 veterans commit suicide as a result of post-traumatic stress. We need to invest more time and effort in helping these great individuals and highlight the need for more resources to prevent even one suicide.

It is tragic when we lose people to suicide. It hurts families, friends, and colleagues. Reach out to a friend or family, making sure they are ok.

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