Take Heart

The world has stopped moving at a fast pace is used to do before this pandemic stopped us. It has challenged individuals, families, communities, countries, and the globe. There has been an excessive increase in mental illnesses, which is a direct outcome of the lock-downs.

People crave interactions and social gatherings. We cannot live in caves and be quarantined in our homes. It is simply too much for many of us.

Recently I (almost) witnessed a person taking their own life. Almost because I thankfully did not see the event unfold, but I’m saddened that I did not arrive 15-20 minutes earlier and could’ve attempted to help this lost soul.

Several police cars were parked in the middle of the bridge I cross daily for my commute, and the officers were looking over the side. A silver car was parked on the bridge, with the emergency indicators on and the door open.

What caused this person to be lost?

Was there no other way out or what drove them to this point?

We must help each other. Reach out to lonely people. Offer some comfort and guidance. It is not a matter of money, but often a matter of being seen and heard.

Mental illness is invisible. It is the devil that has taken over the soul and mind. It is our responsibility to help drive the darkness away, and we know that prayer and the Lord have that awesome power.

Check out Matthew West’s recent song, recording during the pandemic, called ‘Take Heart.’ The message and worship are clear. Jesus is there for you and will protect you from the darkness.

Take a breath
Let Me lift that heavy weight up off your chest
Take My hand
I know it's looking dark
When the world falls all around you
I won't let you fall apart
Take heart
My friend Matthew West at his best!

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