Song of the Day: Forever On Your Side

We rarely share our appreciation, love, and support for our better half. It is always “just” a quick kiss, and then we say, “I love you!” It is not easy to express our feelings without feeling a little embarrassed or shy. There shouldn’t be any reason why you would be shy towards your partner.

I wish I had better ways of showing my affection for my wife. Sometimes I help out more with the house chores, do the shopping alone to relax, and try to buy her gifts that have a meaning. My goal is to make sure she laughs and is happy, even when we have bad days.

She has always told me not to buy her flowers for Valentine’s Day or our anniversaries. She prefers flowers randomly and without needing an excuse like a special day.

It is so much easier to share your love and feelings using a wonderful song. NEEDTOBREATHE has delivered just that in their emotional track ‘Forever On Your Side.’ I’ve shared their acoustic version below. Listen to the lyrics. I’m sure it will help you with sending a strong message of love.

My wife and I have been through many challenges throughout our 20+ years together. Some tough moments, but many joyful and wonderful moments. We don’t agree on all topics, but we certainly respect and support each other.

It is more than just a husband and wife relations. We are very close friends. We are soulmates. We are parents of wonderful kids, and we want each other to do well. It is a deep love and affection.

Oh, I don't know
What's around the bend
All I know
Is that my love
It knows no end
All these pieces, they fall in line
Because I'm forever on your sideā€¦

Which songs do you seek out to get inspiration and send messages of love to your wife or husband?

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