Song of the day; Alive & Breathing

Since returning to work from our fantastic week off, traveling NY state in the family caravan, saying that work has been busy is an understatement. It has been non-stop for the past 10 days, including the weekend. I will share more when I can.

If 2020 couldn’t get worse, it certainly added some extra spice!

There has been no time for writing posts and sharing, no energy to hang out with Shaun T, and few hours to relax with the family. Most evenings, I fell asleep in my awesome Lazyboy, while drooling.

This is a post to share that I’m still alive & breathing. Matt Maher sings it beautifully. Thank you!

Keep the faith my friends. Live is full of challenges. It is how we deal with these that define us. Don’t be afraid of asking for help.

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