Song of the Day: Rise

Caroline Jones has been releasing music for almost a decade, but most of her albums have been self-released.  That just shows her determination to make great music and to share her music with the World.

Although this track was written in 2016, it was included in her “debut” album ‘Bare Feet‘ released in 2018.

She’s not a huge or well-known name, but she makes some writes and sings some pretty nice songs.  My daughters love this track called ‘Rise’.  Probably because it involves a huge farm, horses and riding in the fields.  She’s a cowgirl

Oh, no matter where you land

Or how far you may fall

You have heart; you have hands

And the highest calling of our lives

Is to find the grace in the very place we stand

And rise

I would certainly recommend checking out Caroline Jones on iTunes, or whatever music platform you prefer.  I’m sure she will do great.

She is doing music with Kenny Chesney, which will boost her name and career.

She recently streamed live concert on her Facebook page, supporting the same organization that my friend Zac Brown Band actively supports, Camp Southern Ground.

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