Shaun T … My Nemesis

Nemesis – An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.

Lockdown and quarantines can drive a man to new and unchartered territory.  Mentally, not something sinister or physical harm.  But we get challenged to overcome cabin fever as we try to stay sane.

Homeschooling, overeating, snacking, remote working … all the deadly vices that can lead to overweight and unhealthy lifestyle.  We end up sitting more than we should, and for very valid reasons while enjoying the flavors and dishes we buy (or create).

We are not allowed to dine out, visit parks, go hiking, do sports, and other activities.

Instead, we are relying on take-out foods, quickly prepared meals, ordering various less relevant goods online, and oversubscribe on entertainment channels – perhaps some of you even subscribe to adult channels.  Your choice of course.

As a result, we sit in our houses and get bigger, while the world attempts to restart.

walleThis seems to be the beginning of the WALL-E prophecies.  We overconsume, buy readymade foods, reduce physical activities, and drive everywhere.  We even watch nature programs on TV, just to pretend to go outside.

Some years ago, when we just moved to the US, I was introduced to a madman called Shaun T.  He has these insane fitness classes, where he pushes the viewer to participate and get fit.  Back then, I was certainly not in shape, but Shaun T helped me shed some fat and pounds, in just a few weeks – six weeks of fitness classes, six days a week.

The program I completed back then was ‘Insanity‘ – and it was insanely hard.

Shaun T was and is my nemesis – the fitness freak I can never beat, but can only attempt to follow and adore his ripped core.

I never went back to Shaun T and his insane programs.  The relationship went sour, and I gained weight again.  It was me, not him.  And perhaps the fact that I slightly overdid it and injured my ankle.

It is not easy to stay fit when we live in food nirvana, and you love food!

Fast forward eight (8) years, and I have to fight my fat demons again.

Correction, it is not that I have gained an unnecessary amount of weight as I lost 50lbs after my heart scare in October 2018.  I just need help tone and find some muscles that have gone missing in the past decade.

It was important for me to build up some fitness and cardio strength before I attempt to chisel away some of the extra layers, as I did not want to put too much pressure on my heart.

My cardiologist did tell me in March of this year (2020) that my heart is strong enough, so now is the time to start working out again.  Damn!  No more excuses for sitting in the chair and no excuses for not doing chores around the house.

I started with the Peloton, and it is a great bike.  I can highly recommend it.

So, I recently purchased a year membership with Beachbody, where my nemesis Shaun T streams his fitness shows from.  What better way to get fit than with my man Shaun?

Instead of the ‘Insanity‘ show, I selected a much less intensive show called ‘T-25‘.  Little did I know that fitness programs have evolved in eight (8) years, and this shit is just as sweat drenching and painful as the ‘Insanity‘ show.

It is just a manifestation that I’m getting older, totally out of shape, and I have muscles I did not know existed or haven’t used for decades.

michelinI’m standing there, in my spandex outfit like a mini Michelin-man, drenched, and trying to keep up with this well-trimmed fitness God, Shaun T.

But, after a full week of pain, I can certainly admit that I’m already starting to feel better.  There is, at this point, absolutely no clear visual change in my body appearance, and that is ok.

I feel great about doing this and proud that I can last for the 25 minutes each session lasts.

During these lock-down times, it is important that we stay fit.  We have to do something to work out, and it also helps with your mental strength.  You focus on rebuilding or reshaping your body, and that removes your anxiety for COVID, overeating, and binge-watching on Netflix.

What are you doing to stay fit?

It is a love/hate relationship with Shaun and I.  Part of me love the fact that he pushes me to my limits, or at least tries to.  The other side hates him as I’m sweating and melting bacon.  I’m drenched after 25 minutes of torture, but still feel great despite being exhausted.

I will continue my journey and hopefully discover a six-pack, get a little toned, and will be able to wear my American flag speedos again – happy fat burning my friends!

I can highly recommend checking out Beachbody and Shaun T’s workouts.  If you commit to it, I have no doubt that it will change your fitness levels too.

Be ready to feel muscles you have not felt/used in some time – feel the burn and sweat!  Time to discover your beach body.

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