Day of Fathers

Father – a male who has sired an offspring … OR a male who is taking on the responsibilities of a father i.e. stepfather.

Fathers from around the world, you are doing a great job (mostly) and we should be celebrated and adored.  I say mostly because there are unfortunately some fathers out there who stepped away from their responsibilities, leaving their kids, and some fathers are just assholes being mean to kids or women – which I do not condone.

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting.

This includes past fathers, single fathers, and living fathers of all ages.  All of us had a father in our life, even if that role might have been filled by a substitute father if your mother remarried or doing a great job as a single mother.

It is not an easy task, takes real committment, and lasts a lifetime.

You, as a father, should be applauded and celebrated on this day.  It is not easy being a good father and we always compare ourselves to fathers we see on Instagram and in movies, and even against fellow fathers in our friendship circles.

You should not look at what others are doing, and do not try to imitate them.  You define your own father role and how to be the best in your family.  Sometimes it works, other times it can be chaos.

Life is not like the movies.  There are ups and downs.  It is how we adjust to the daily challenges and how we respond to these that define us.

We need to raise responsible and fantastic kids, who can carry the torch forward.  Kids who are courteous, kind, focused, respectful, skilled, loving, and determined to make a great life.  Raising a kid also includes discipline – not beating your child, but setting clear boundaries as to what is right and what is wrong.

Burning, looting, rioting, stealing, harming or destroying is not ok!

We do our best to do just that, and it will come with bumps, especially as the kids enter puberty and the famous teenage years.

Telling our kids ‘NO’ is healthy, and they do not always need to be rewarded.  If we do not teach our kids about failures (correcting their faults) or give them everything they want, then they will grow up to be spoiled brats and expecting this as they move out.

It will be a real shock when they find out that this is not how real life is.  We need to teach that they have to work and earn their living.

Fathers, this is important and it is on us to provide that upbringing.

Our abilities are tested during the hard times, when we have to stay calm and focused, keeping the family safe and provide.  Especially as we face local and global instabilities and unrest.  Such stressful events will have deep impacts on your children and is our duty to keep them safe and ensure them that all will be fine in the end.

Being a father is being a loving partner in crime with his spouse.  You need to divide and conquer the house responsibilities, help each other make the family routines easier, and raise the kids together.

You might not like doing the dishes, laundry, or dinner that evening.  Well, suck it up buttercup.  Time to share the load and consider your spouse has a fulltime job too.  It takes two to make the family run smoothly, and you need to be a solid team.

So, fathers, give your spouse a big hug.  Smile at your kids, hang out with your family as much as you can.  Family means everything to you and your kids.  It is the core of their success, and you (and your spouse) lead the way.

I will also like to thank my father, who passed away 10 years ago.  He was a tremendous influence in my life, and I have brought a lot of his teaching to my family.  He was not perfect, worked too hard at times, but he always made time for the family.  I rarely told him “I love you!”, but we knew anyway.  He supported me in most things I attempted and would guide me through various decisions – not telling me what to do, but what to consider when making decisions.

Thank you father, I love and miss you!

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