Birthday in Isolation

One thing is to live through a few weeks of self-quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout my community, my country and the world.  That’s an easy sacrifice.

We don’t need to worry about the daily commute to work or taking showers.  We simply roll out of bed, “commute” to the coffee machine and login to work from home.

I feel so sorry for my kids who have to celebrate their birthdays in isolation, tugged away from their friends and social gatherings they deserve to have for their birthdays.

Both our daughters had big birthdays in end-March and early-April; 10 and 16 years old.

Significant milestones for both, as one goes to double digits and the other can legally drive my big red truck now!

Not sure which scares me the most;

The fact that my littlest princess is closer to becoming a teenager and will develop a completely different personality challenging my wife in everything aspect of life.


The fact that my oldest princess will be able to drive a vehicle with 395hp with a large HEMI engine, 4×4, makes me quiver and fear for the other motorists.

We wake up our kids, on their birthdays, with birthday songs and gifts.  Isolation cannot change that tradition, and the actual day does not change much.  We have cakes and their favorite foods.

Thanks to local business to take-out dinners during the quarantine, we could pick up the girls’ favorite foods.  Again, we were able to make it a special family dinner eating out of tin foil trays and plastic utensils.

What made it hard was that they could not be celebrated by their classmates or meet up with close friends for a birthday party.

Like any kid, they love hanging out with their friends, watching movies, chat, laugh, scream and just be with their friends.  It makes their day special and they get attention.  It feeds their self worth and confidence.  These parties are extremely important.

Socializing with friends was not possible, and even though they received many cute videos on their phones and lovely text messages, it is not the same.  We could sense that they were sad and disappointed.  There was little we could do to comfort them, other than promising them a party during the summer IF we are permitted to socialize again.

The positive spin on this is that we will have many more birthdays in the future, and we will have plenty of opportunities to party.

Isolation also teaches kids who their true friends are.  Those friends will reach out to say happy birthday, and are sincere in their wishes.

We thank everyone who reached out to our daughters during the quarantine to wish them well and congratulate them on their new age.

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