Coronavirus, God & Anxieties

At the beginning of this Coronavirus pandemic that started in China in November or December 2019, the media and the governments were pretty calm.  No big scare or concerns that this would significantly impact the World economy shut down countries, excessive toilet paper hoarding, create panic, and re-teach people how to wash hands.

This Corona shit storm has certainly changed the world and how people interact!

I’m a pretty calm and focused person most of the time.  I carry out my parental duties, help around the house, go shopping, and attend to my job responsibilities.  I live a relatively routine and adult life, and we go about our family routines.

Having experienced a life-threatening event alters your personality, and you developed more substantial anxiety levels, which could be classified as mild PTSD.  You are always in a fragile zone, where any small or big health event can cause you to have more than just elevated blood pressure.

It does not help your mental state when the world around literally shuts down, and death is in the air.  A zombie apocalypse is looming, and we have to use alternative methods for cleaning our butt as all toilet paper has vanished.

My anxiety levels are easily fueled by fearful thoughts, and they, in turn, sends my mind into a frenzy.  A frenzy that can keep me awake for hours and increase my blood pressure – either is not pleasant and obviously impacts my ‘we can do’ attitude.

It doesn’t happen every night, thank God!  Only a few times a week, and it is often triggered by events unfolding that day.  With the number of daily activities caused by this devilish virus, and the fearmongering news channels only covering COVID-19, it is hard not to develop some level of anxiety.

We can’t even get a proper weather forecast any longer!

The country is closed for business.  Kids are being homeschooled.  Supermarkets sucked dry for some essential supplies.  People wearing masks and gloves.  No socializing.  The perfect recipe for anxiety!

So, when I have a few moments to my brain and thoughts, it is colored by the events that unfolded on the news that day; death, plague, and isolation.  We are all doomed, and even my wife suggested that we should write our will.

I cannot help to suddenly feel anxiety levels speed up like a rollercoaster, getting flung up/down and gaining more speed.  It would happen to most people these days.

If I cough, sneeze, fart, or perhaps have some strange twitches in my chest, my brain pushes me towards gloom and doom.  As a direct result of my diabolic mind, I’ve already diagnosed myself with a fresh case of Coronavirus, and with my luck, I will go straight into ICU.  It’s living in fear!

I then worry about what will happen to my wife and kids.  My future is nothing but a dark cloud and time to create a bucket list.  Do I really need to prepare my farewells?

Heck no!

I refuse to let this insane bat pooping Chinese made virus stop me from living.  I have, and I will overcome this infernal anxiety again.  I know how to conquer this;

  • Max Lucado – travel light
  • Netflix Meat Eater
  • Cooking healthy
  • Talk to God
  • Exercise on the Peloton
  • Avoid conflicts with wife (happy wife happy life)

It is a pretty simple recipe for a more robust approach to fighting anxiety.

We will get through this.  It will just take some time, and when we can leave our houses again, we will have a kickass 4th of July party.

Have you similar anxiety?

What are your go-to mental treatments?

How do you distract yourself?


Courtesy Sanford Health  


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