Almost Live Concert – Zach Williams

In the midst of this Coronavirus scare, where people are confined to homes and have to practice social distancing, it is fantastic to see celebrities coming out to support people.

Bedtime story reading by Josh Gad, dance lessons by Debbie Allen, St Patrick’s Day concert by Dropkick Murphys, and now a free concert by the talented Zach Williams.

He shared the concert on YouTube and was streaming live on his FaceBook page.  Here’s the video/concert.


Stay safe. Stay healthy, and wash them hands!

On March 13th, our band and crew were loaded in for “The Rescue Story Tour,” when we got word that we had to cancel our upcoming shows due to the Coronavirus.

In an effort to bring some light in an otherwise dark and confusing time, we decided to record some songs to share, and do our part to bring out hope amidst the craziness of the world.

These recordings are the result of that impromptu live set. We hope you enjoy them.

– Zach

If you open this video on YouTube, then you will see all the live songs he performed.  It’s a compilation of his concert.


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