We Welcome 2020

It has been a super exciting year, both with ups and downs of course, as happens with most individuals.  People who pretend that all is fine, all the time, are perhaps living in a bubble and sooner or later this might come crashing down on them.

That’s not me attempting to be negative and wish ill faith in others, but no one can live in a perfect world where everything is just fairytales and unicorns.

Life is filled with ups and downs, but we have to meet each challenge head-on and do our best to work through these hurdles.  If you allow the negative hurdles to build up, it will impact your emotional state, potentially your job performance and more importantly, your responsibilities at home.

We cannot sit back and hope things resolve themselves.  Not taking action is really not an option if we want to deal with situations and if we want to enhance the status quo.  We have to move forward and upwards 🙂

Actions are required whether you are facing head-on challenges, or enjoying high tailwinds as you go to new heights.

12 months ago, I was sitting at home, surrounded by my family (wife and kids), feeling extremely sorry for myself.  Honestly, I wept a little while sitting on the sofa in a dimmed room, as the family enjoyed themselves in front of the TV watching New Year celebrations from around the world.

At that time, I wasn’t sure how much I would get to enjoy 2019, I feared death and my future looked rather doomed!

It was (and can be) extremely difficult to get yourself out of a rot.  You tend to only look at the negative.  You tend to picture the worst scenarios and only listen to your inner nasty little devil … fear, he is the liar!

Looking back at 2019, it actually turned out to be a pretty awesome year.

Not just because of my improving health, but also because of other changes that I made throughout the year, and some great times with my family.

  • I traveled to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Got to meet up with some great and dear friends of hours.
  • I traveled to Amsterdam (NL) with work, but got to meet up with my fantastic sister and her family.  We spent a few days together, walking around beautiful Amsterdam, talking, laughing and seeing the sights.
  • Lost 55lbs and learned to eat much better, and test my cooking skills
  • I celebrated yet another birthday, and also the birthdays of all my kids and super wife.
  • I became an American citizen, pledging my loyalty and love for my new home country … although I will always be Danish, with strong Irish roots.
  • Experienced my first (and hopefully only) kidney stone passing.  While uncomfortable, it did teach me a lot about my strengths.
  • We (my family) spent a week in the Dominican Republic, just hanging out at the beach and pool, doing nothing else but enjoying each other’s company.
  • I left my KPMG family after almost 21 years of service.  It was with tears, fears and yet happiness.
  • I joined a new family at Open Door Family Medical Centers, getting the opportunity to rebuild the IT department, and taking the team to new levels
  • Reaching a super milestone of 12 months after my heart failure
  • Celebrate another Christmas and New Year with my family

As you can see, my 2019 was pretty awesome, and despite the mental and physical challenges, I pushed myself forward.  Not without support from my wife and kids, and some great friends (new and old).

My learning from 2019 is that everyone needs to look at the positive milestones in your life and build upon them.  You have to cherish life and every challenge you face can be overcome.

Have faith in your own abilities

Have faith in something higher and divine

Don’t listen to fear

Reach out to family and friends for support, don’t be quiet about it.

Find something that you enjoy, and focus

Learn something new and embrace faith

I hope that you will all be successful in whatever you do.  Take and embrace changes as they come, and face your challenges head-on.

What were some of the highlights of 2019?

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