The Dapper Heart Ways

dapperwaysRoutines and family moments help you heal mentally, and you will be positively surprised how these small moments can give a huge boost and help your healing.

Something apparently simple can help increase confidence and battle anxiety.

Getting my hair done is a 45 min monthly activity which I’ve decided to start with my son.  It has been an activity that I use to measure my mental health progress and was kicked off as soon as I could drive again.

Before my heart incident, I tried to go to my barber monthly, which is this cool place in Pearl River (NY) called Dapper Ways.

I found the place a few years back and I met the owner, Nick.  He’s now a good friend and very talented barber.  He has super skills and we have some great conversations.  What’s also cool is also that he’s a little local business, which is awesome and part of the American dream.

After being a bed, chair and housebound for over two months, and last time I had my haircut was early August, you can imagine how long my hair had grown.  It made me look even worse, or at least made me feel and look weak.  It’s hard to explain, but with my hair situation out of control, and the fact that I couldn’t leave the house, made the situation difficult to accept.

In early December, when I was finally allowed to drive on my own, I quickly booked a time with Nick.  I dragged my oldest daughter along, in case something happened to me along the way, and it was an awesome experience.

Nick was delighted to see me again, and we talked for an hour while he did my hair and beard, and it was an exceptional therapeutic hour.  Obviously, the session was a healing session for me, but as a barber, they have the ability to talk and listen.  This helped me so much and it part of the local business/barber trades.

barbershopThese little moments where you sit totally relaxed, hanging with a greatly skilled barber and feel the heart running at a perfect level.  Those are amazing milestones.

Now I’ve started to bring my son as well and the guys are doing a fabulous job on both of us.  It’s a father and son opportunity, teaching him to look after himself, socialize with people and feel included.

My son has down syndrome, and not verbal, so for him being able to socialize and to be treated like a normal kid is hugely important for me.  I’m not looking for special treatment, but just to interact with him at a normal level.

Nick and Chris at Dapper Ways do just that.  They talk to him, give him high five and simply see him as a kid.  These moments help to heal my heart.

Those are the days I thoroughly enjoy and really appreciate the quality delivered by Nick and Chris.  Great services.  Super skills.  Fantastic setup and good priced.

If you live in the area, or just passing through, book a time and visit they guys.

What are your go-to activities for mental healing and to get away from the challenges you might be facing?


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