Wonderful Day

Today is a good day.  It is a sunny day.  It is a day of love.

Sounds corny I know, but if you have been through a life-altering event, one where you are faced with your own mortality, then you learn to appreciate your life more.

I many times sit in my La-Z-Boy and ponder about life.  Not in a morbid way.  In a positive and appreciative way, where I seek joy in the daily activities and thank the Lord for allowing me to enjoy these moments with my family.

Today is a good day.  It is a sunny day.  It is her birthday.

My daughter turns 9 years old today.  This time last year I had no doubt that I would be here for decades and might not have been so appreciative of being here.

Today is different.  I’m happy to be here to celebrate her day.  These little moments I share with my family makes me live.  Her day is special to us in many ways.

It is the same year and month my dear dad passed away.  Her being here makes me closer to my dad, as I hope she is close to me.

I want her day to be special hence we had her birthday party all weekend.  She spent yesterday with her close friends laughing, playing and eating.  It was thoroughly fantastic to see her laugh.  She has been so worried and sad about my situation, so now it is time for her to enjoy her day.

I’m thankful for celebrating another birthday with my princess.  It gives me hope and strength to continue my healing/recovery, as I want to spend many more birthdays with her and the rest of the family.

You need to appreciate and embrace these important days in your life.  With or without heart disease, you never know when you will be called to the Almighty above and sit next to him.

Today is a good day.  It is a sunny day.  Happy birthday 🙂

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