Size of Plate Matters

When I was slightly bigger, before the heart incident, rarely worried about plate sizes. I knew that I probably ate too much and I had heard rumors from fanatic fitness people and diet gurus that w should use smaller plates when eating.

The trick is, if your plate is smaller you would automatically eat less unless you were like me and just filled it up 2-3 times.

I was very serious and committed to change my lifestyle when I was diagnosed, and when the dietician visited the house to re-educate me about food.

She mentioned that I need to eat less. I had to retrain my brain to feel full sooner, as we really don’t need to eat that much food. We just need to eat the right food.

Since being discharged from hospital I was and am focused on my food intake and portion sizes.

I eat more vegetables and use a smaller plate, and can highly recommend you reconsider your lifestyle changes.

Change your plate size and you will see a quick change in your size, but also make sure to eat different foods.

My weight has dropped rapidly and I feel great!

Plate size does matter!


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