It is important that we, heart warriors, acknowledge that we too can develop PTSD.  And we need to determine how best to monitor our mental health and deal with issues as they occur.

Being faced with a life-altering medical diagnosis such as heart attack or heart failure certainly classifies as a traumatic experience.  It is not a competition or a publicity stunt, but we too can be impacted mentally by such a diagnosis.

There are various grades of PTSD in our diagnosis, but each of us will deal with the event differently and that also means we experience PTSD differently among the heart warrior group.

What happened to me is still rather surreal. At times it really hits me.  I curl up in a corner and cry a little or ponder on dark thoughts.  I do not want to burden my wife with my depression as she has experienced enough in recent months.  But, we need to talk to someone, and your wife/husband/partner is the best place to start.

Alternatively, we need to seek professional help to ensure we deal with and treat our PTSD.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of.  On the contrary, we should see this as us being human, and that we have experienced something traumatic.

Again, not all heart warriors will encounter PTSD, and that is totally fine.  That does not make us weak or useless.  It does not make them superheroes.  We deal with events differently, and it may still catch up with heart warriors years down the road.

Do you think we are getting proper support from our medical team to address PTSD?

Do we need to ask for counseling during our recovery?

How are you dealing with your traumatic experience?

I look forward to all your feedback and let’s share with other heart warriors how we can heal mentally as well as physically.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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