John Deere Experience

tractor1As I’m typing this blog, I’m sitting on my newest coolest toy, a John Deere sit-on mower.

My WIFI is strong enough to power my internet connection on my Gen1 iPad, although I have to be parked next to the wall of the living room to get a strong enough signal – outside of course.

It’s not easy to type while driving, chewing tobacco and spitting, and trying to avoid drooling into my beard or dripping spit on my iPad – all at the same time.

How much more American can this get?

We recently got our very first John Deere sit-on mower, in it’s traditional green and yellow colors.  The kids went absolutely bonkers as daddy started to mow the lawn, in record time … and even better, without breaking a sweat.

tractor2They all wanted to try the green ‘m yellow monster tractor, but as I had never driven such a beast before, I was a little apprehensive about getting behind the wheel.  And, even more apprehensive letting the kids have a go.

But, super-daddy lifted them up on to his lap, one by one, and we took turns cutting grass.  There was laughter and tears.  Even more when momma-bear jumped in the driver’s seat at went “flying” down the lawn – not even cutting straight lines.

In the end as the novelty started to wear off, I had the brightest of ideas and revelations.  My oldest daughter, now same height as my wonderful wife, would be able to cut the grass under supervision of course.  This allows me to teach her a few valuable life lessons about;

  • delegation
  • micromanagement
  • management styles
  • ownership
  • roles & responsibilities

homer… all very valuable skills that she would need in the future, and I could teach her all these while drinking a pint of Guinness responsibly from the safety of my deck.  It would also teach her that her father does not support drinking while operating heavy machinery 🙂

All in all, getting our John Deere has been a real eye opener, both for me and my daughter.  She quickly realized that earning pocket money can be fun.  And, I get to relax on the deck again.

Only problem today is that the bloody thing doesn’t start!

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